How to Create a Logo with Photoshop

How to Create a Logo with Photoshop

Step 1: Create a document

Begin by clicking on File and then New to create a new logo. Make sure that when you creating a new Photoshop document, the background are transparent. Then select the desired length and width for the logo you wish to create. There are various appropriate sizes depending on your choice. The size can be changed later so it is not a fixed measurement. Once you have chosen the size you can choose the texture of the logo.

Step 2: Use brush tool to include more elements

The Photoshop brush tool will then be used to add an enhancement in the middle of the document. The brush tool is an easy way to make edits on your document by customizing the design the way you want to and helping it stand out amongst the other logo designs. The Photoshop brush tool can be easily found online through different places for free. You can easily install them by unzipping the ones that are downloaded, double click on them and then it will be installed into your library for brush tools.

Before choosing the brush you wish to work with, choose a background color that will match you’re the texture that you chose for the logo. Here you can find a dropper tool look alike will help you choose contrasting colors that are similar to that used in the logo. Once you have chosen the desired color you will see the brush tool icon among all other icons. You then right click on your logo image and it will show you the brush library.

Once that is done create a separate new layer, which will not give you three layers. At this point work with blending modes so that you can contrast all three layers according to the texture of the logo so that you can get the right end result with the correct blend.

Step 3: Add text

Click on the icon that has a “T” in the tool bar to add some text to your logo. Doing this will create a separate layer in which you can add your text. Over here also you can choose your desired brush color. You can darken the color as compared to the embellishment so that it gives a much more contrasting look.

Step 4: Save your logo

Once you have complete the logo, crop the image as you desire to the final image and save it.

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